December 19, 2019

By: Audie Meyer, Food Jonezi Intern 

 Since Food Jonezi provides information covering the nutritional side of wellness, we were excited to team up with SuperFeet to increase awareness about the importance of physical activity as well. 

Just like our bodies need vitamins and nutrients from our food, they also need physical stimulation from movement. The benefits from exercise can have profound impacts on your health. It helps maintain bone density, improves aerobic capacity, builds muscle, and assists with digestion. 

Unfortunately, our community is currently struggling with health issues such as metabolic disease and heart disease, all of which can be improved through adding 30 minutes or more of physical activity into your day. 

While it may be a hard to change initially, identifying something you enjoy doing will help to keep you consistent. Simply, inviting your friends, neighbors, family members, and coworkers to join you in your quest to increase your activity levels can improve your health, and as well build relationships.  

The District of Columbia has a lot to offer with trail networks and walkable streets sprawling throughout the city. Not sure how to find a trail near you? Download an app like AllTrails and search with your zip code to find places to hike, bike, stroll, or climb. 

Prefer to keep your workout indoors? Try a fitness class like Pilates, Yoga, or maybe a spin class at your local gym. Even just deciding to take the metro somewhere instead of driving can help to increase your step count throughout the day, which is ultimately the main goal. 

 When we take care of ourselves we need to do so in a holistic way. Nourish yourself with wholesome foods, restore yourself with restful sleep, and invigorate yourself with physical activity. 

 Teaming up a nutritious diet with physical exercise is a powerful strategy towards achieving ideal health, and it’s why we value SuperFeet’s mission to encourage members of our community to get moving! 

So eat your fruits and vegetables, take yourself out for a walk, feel good knowing you are on your way to better health, and enjoy the video below that was featured on SuperFeet’s Instagram Takeover!